Sunny Huang Royal Flying Doctor Service (Central Operations) - serving SA NT & beyond
Sunny Huang
Royal Flying Doctor Service (Central Operations) - serving SA NT & beyond
Sunny Huang
Sunny Huang

My Story

The things truly motivating a person to move forward can only be something growing from heart, not from head, particularly for any dream chaser who may encounter lots of frustrations and difficulties. Along such journey, it’s the help from others like the star in the sky that has guided people through the darkness. Being a dream chaser, I’ve been blessed with such warm lighting on my journey. It makes me believe that no matter how dark your journey is, there are some lights shining for you in the sky. And this is certainly the most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen.

With such experience, I want to pass along the warmth which I have ever felt. That is why I am here today. I also think this is the best answer given to my cynical and rebellious youth --- back then I was so skeptical to the meaning of life --- yet I realize that life is supposed to be a circle made up of receiving and giving, to enable us to move on, regardless of whatsoever dream we are chasing.

Flying is one of greatest dreams of human beings, the same as saving life. When these two actions combined together, I am in the awe of such innovation. That is why I choose to support Royal Flying Doctor Service. Even though the religionist offers us the promise of a happy afterlife in the heaven, I still think nothing can beat the happiness of seeing our blue sky as well as listening to the birds sing on this “lonely planet”. Holding such attitude, we might want to honor every minute that defines each day of our life. And this, is particularly meaningful to Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Since 1928, the RFDS has provided 24-hour emergency medical services to those who live, work and travel throughout Australia. To deliver the finest care service to the furthest corner, speed and ‘’flying intensive care units’’ are vital.

So let’s help to ‘’keep the Flying Doctor flying’’ through fundraising --- This fundraising activity will start from August to September 2017, “online donation” can be made directly by clicking the ‘’donation’’ button on this page!

This fundraising activity is also part of my ‘’Arts with Humanity’’ art exhibitions during SALA Art Festival 2017. Throughout the August, I will have two exhibitions hosted in their respective venues in Adelaide SA:

“Ukiyo-e Dream’’ exhibition: Hotel Tivoli
“Portrait and Character’’ exhibition: North Adelaide Community Centre

More details about “offline donation” at the exhibitions will be coming out soon! You are also welcome to check out my website: http://confuciuskiller.com for more updates.

You may also like to visit Royal Flying Doctor Service website: https://www.flyingdoctor.org.au/about-the-rfds/
The RFDS in SA/NT:

Please stay tuned!

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Royal Flying Doctor Service (Central Operations) - serving SA NT & beyond